Mark Possanza
Fields: Latin literature of the late Republic, didactic poetry, and textual criticism and transmission of texts l View Profile

East Asian Languages and Literatures 

Elizabeth Oyler
Fields: Historical Memory, Performance, Medical & Digital Humanities l View Profile


Curtis Breight
Fields: Renaissance culture and Shakespeare on film. l View Profile

Hannah Johnson
Fields: medieval historical writing and modern historiography, contemporary philosophies of history, and the literary aspects of medieval cultural forms committed to truth-telling projects, such as saints’ lives and travel narratives l View Profile

Ryan McDermott
Field: medieval literature l View Profile

John Twyning
Fields: formation of an English historical and national consciousness in various forms of architecture, literature, art and landscape l View Profile

Jennifer Waldron 
Fields: Renaissance Drama and post-Reformation religious controversy in England. Her interests include ritual and performance theory, religious polemic, word/image problems, and histories of gender and the body l View Profile

Michael West
Fields: The Classical tradition; Renaissance culture; Christian heroism; mock-heroic, satire, and comic forms; puns; stylistics, rhetoric, and linguistically oriented criticism; pedagogy; the short story; the American Renaissance; Irish literature—with expertise on Spenser, Shakespeare, Milton, Dryden, Thoreau and Joyce
               l View Profile

French and Italian

Renate Blumenfeld-Kosinski
Fields: French medieval literature and culture, in particular Christine de Pizan; allegorical poetry; female spirituality; church history. l View Profile

James Coleman
Early modern reception of the classics, Intersections of literature, philosophy, and politics, Orphic literature, Italian Humanism and Islam, Dante, Petrarch, Boccaccio and their reception. l View Profile

Todd Reeser
Fields: Renaissance Studies; French Renaissance Prose; Montaigne and Rabelais; Gender and Sexuality; Critical and Gender Theory; Masculinities; French Cultural Studies. l View Profile

Francesca Savoia
Fields: Italian Theater from the Renaissance to the early nineteenth century Opera theory and criticism, seventeenth and eighteenth century Italian literature, interrelations of Literature and Music l View Profile


Janelle Greenberg
Fields: Early Modern Britain, Medieval and Early Modern Law and Political Thought , Western Europe, European Family history l View Profile

Diego Holstein
Fields: World History, Historiography l View Profile

Carla Nappi
Fields: History of China, History of Central Eurasia (especially Manchu studies), Translation History, World History, Historical Writing and Theory l View Profile

Pernille Røge
Fields: Eighteenth-century France and Europe, Early Modern European Empires, Atlantic History, Intellectual History l View Profile

Molly Warsh
Fields: World History, Early Modern Iberian and British Worlds, Early Caribbean, Commodities and Consumption. l View Profile

Hispanic Languages and Literatures

Gonzalo Lamana
Fields: colonialism and subalternity, cultural contact, meaning-making, and historical change l View Profile

History of Art and Architecture

Shirin Fozi
Fields: medieval sculpture; memorials and funerary monuments; medieval treasury arts; Mediterranean luxury goods; German architectural sculpture in the twelfth century l View Profile

Christopher J. Nygren (Director)
Fields: early modern visual culture, Christian icon painting, Titian, painting on stone l View Profile

History and Philosophy of Science

Paolo Palmieri
Fields: History of Early Modern Science, Galileo l View Profile

Religious Studies

Adam Shear
Fields: early modern Jewish history and history of the book in early modern Europe. l View Profile



David J. Birnbaum
Fields: Humanities computing, particularly the computer processing of medieval Slavic manuscripts. Slavic linguistics, particularly diachronic and synchronic phonology and morphology. Medieval Slavic texts. l View Profile

Theater Arts

Kathleen George
Fields:playwriting and dramatic literature l View Profile

History of Medicine

Jonathon Erlen



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