University of Pittsburgh
Undergraduate Certificate


How to Apply for a Certificate

Students can enroll in the Certificate Program at any time during their university coursework but are encouraged to apply as early as possible. To enroll, students can complete a brief application form available from Briar Somerville, Academic Officer (454 Cathedral of Learning), or they can sign up at any time in 140 Thackeray Hall. The form does not require the Director's signature, but we encourage students to e-mail the Director in order to introduce themselves and to discuss their particular interests.

At the same time that you apply for graduation, during your final semester, you should also indicate that you are a candidate for the certificate in Medieval and Renaissance Studies. For the undergraduate certificate, use the same form on which you fill out your major and minor.

For further information, write the Director, Jennifer Waldron ( or the Academic Officer, Briar Somerville (office phone: 412-624-6564; e-mail: