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Student Profiles

Each student takes an individual path towards the certificate in Medieval and Renaissance Studies. Follow the links on this page to learn about the interests and accomplishments of a few of our current and former students.

Graduate Student Profiles

Julia Finch
I study late medieval manuscript illumination in France (1200–1500). Broadly, I am interested in the transmission of information via image and text in what I see as a "culture of literacy" that flourished in the later Middle Ages.
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James Jewitt
Areas of Interest: European painting and printmaking 1500-1700, especially by Italian, French, and German artists; the history of landscape painting, 1500-1700.
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Charles-Louis Morand Métivier
Charles-Louis Morand Métivier is a PhD student in the Department of French and Italian.
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Katie Phelps
My work focuses on the history of childbirth in 17th-century London and the role of print culture in the transition from midwives to man-midwives.
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Undergraduate Student Profiles

Rheanna Macias
Major: Medieval and Renaissance Studies (Interdisciplinary Major) and English Literature
Minor: History, Linguistics
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Lauren MacLaughlin
Major: History of Art and Architecture; Italian
Other minors or certificates: MRST
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Nina Schreiner
Majors: Anthropology, History
Other minors or certificates: Certificate of Historical Preservation, Certificate of West European Studies
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