University of Pittsburgh



Andrew M. Miller
Field: Greek poetry l Web site


Mark Possanza
Fields: Latin literature of the late Republic, didactic poetry, and textual criticism and transmission of texts l Web site



Curtis Breight
Fields: Renaissance culture and Shakespeare on film. l Web site


David Brumble
Fields: Late medieval and Renaissance literature l Web site


Hannah Johnson
Fields: medieval historical writing and modern historiography, contemporary philosophies of history, and the literary aspects of medieval cultural forms committed to truth-telling projects, such as saints’ lives and travel narratives l Web site

Ryan McDermott
Field: medieval literature l Web site

Marianne Novy
Fields: adoption literature, Shakespeare, and women writers of the early modern period and 20h-21st century, outsiders in Shakespeare l Web site


John Twyning
Fields: formation of an English historical and national consciousness in various forms of architecture, literature, art and landscape l Web site


Jennifer Waldron (Director)
Fields: Renaissance Drama and post-Reformation religious controversy in England. Her interests include ritual and performance theory, religious polemic, word/image problems, and histories of gender and the body l Web site

Michael West
Fields: The Classical tradition; Renaissance culture; Christian heroism; mock-heroic, satire, and comic forms; puns; stylistics, rhetoric, and linguistically oriented criticism; pedagogy; the short story; the American Renaissance; Irish literature—with expertise on Spenser, Shakespeare, Milton, Dryden, Thoreau and Joyce l Web site


French and Italian

Two Women of the Great Schism: The Revelations of Constance de Rabastens by Raymond de Sabanac and the Life of Ursulina of Parma by Simone Zanacchi

Renate Blumenfeld-Kosinski
Fields: French medieval literature and culture, in particular Christine de Pizan; allegorical poetry; female spirituality; church history. l Web site


James Coleman

Early modern reception of the classics, Intersections of literature, philosophy, and politics, Orphic literature, Italian Humanism and Islam, Dante, Petrarch, Boccaccio and their reception. l Web site

My Muse Will Have A Story To Paint

Dennis Looney
Fields: Renaissance Studies; reception of the classical tradition in European literature and culture; vernacular classicism; Dante; Ariosto l Web site


Masculinities in Theory

Todd Reeser
Fields: Renaissance Studies; French Renaissance Prose; Montaigne and Rabelais; Gender and Sexuality; Critical and Gender Theory; Masculinities; French Cultural Studies. l Web site

Fra letterati e galantuomini

Francesca Savoia
Fields: Italian Theater from the Renaissance to the early nineteenth century Opera theory and criticism, seventeenth and eighteenth century Italian literature, interrelations of Literature and Music l Web site





Martha Chaiklin
Fields: Early Modern Japan, Dutch East India Company, Material Culture l Web site


Janelle Greenberg
Fields: Early Modern Britain, Medieval and Early Modern Law and Political Thought , Western Europe, European Family history l Web site


Diego Holstein
Fields: World History, Historiography l Web site


Molly Warsh
Fields: World History, Early Modern Iberian and British Worlds, Early Caribbean, Commodities and Consumption. l Web site

Bruce Venarde
Fields: Medieval European History, Western Civilization, Religion, Gender l Web site


Emily Winerock
Fields: Early Modern England and Europe, Social and Cultural History,
Puritanism and Religious Politics, History of Dance l Web site

Hispanic Languages and Literatures

Gonzalo Lamana
Fields: colonialism and subalternity, cultural contact, meaning-making, and historical change l Web site

History of Art and Architecture



Shirin Fozi
Fields: medieval sculpture; memorials and funerary monuments; medieval treasury arts; Mediterranean luxury goods; German architectural sculpture in the twelfth century l Web site


Ann Sutherland Harris (Emerita)
Fields: European painting, drawing, and sculpture, 1500–1700, especially by Italian and French artists; women artists, 1500–1800 and 20th century; images of women, 1500–1700; history of landscape painting, 1500–1700.

M. F. Hearn (Emeritus)
Fields: architectural history and theory in the medieval and modern periods


Christopher J. Nygren
Fields: early modern visual culture, Christian icon painting, Titian l Web site


M. Alison Stones (Emerita)
Field: illuminated manuscripts.


Franklin Toker
Fields: urban history and medieval and American art and architecture



History and Philosophy of Science

James Lennox
Fields: Ancient Greek philosophy, science and medicine and Charles Darwin and Darwinism l Web site


Peter Machamer
Fields: 16th- and 17th-century topics, especially Galileo, Descartes and Hobbes, and in the philosophy of psychology and neuroscience, and social science, and on values and science. He also does empirical work in cognitive psychology.
pkmach@pitt.edul Web site


Paolo Palmieri
Fields: History of Early Modern Science, Galileo l Web site




Donald Franklin
Fields: Bach studies: source criticism, performance practice, and musico-theological issues. Notational and temporal procedures in 17th- and 18th-century music l Web site


Mary Lewis (Emerita)
Fields: Italian Renaissance Music; Music Printing and Publishing; Music in Society; Early Western Plainchant; Women and Music; Source Studies l Web site

Religious Studies

Tony Edwards
Fields: Wittgenstein, philosophy of language, philosophy of mind, philosophy of religion, metaphysics, metaphor, religious ethics, Aquinas, Maimonides l Web site


Adam Shear
Fields:Medieval and early modern Jewish cultural and intellectual history, history of the Jewish book and the impact of print on Jewish culture and thought in the early modern period, the cultural role of Jewish philosophy in the formation of early modern Jewish identities, Jewish thought and intellectual culture in early modern Italy, the Jewish Enlightenment movement and its relation to the medieval and early modern Jewish past l Web site



David J. Birnbaum
Fields: Humanities computing, particularly the computer processing of medieval Slavic manuscripts. Slavic linguistics, particularly diachronic and synchronic phonology and morphology. Medieval Slavic texts. l Web site

Theater Arts

Kathleen George
Fields:playwriting and dramatic literature l Web site


History of Medicine

Jonathon Erlen l Web site