University of Pittsburgh

Student Quotes

In these classes, I found that the professors were passionate about their subjects, and each day, they shared that enthusiasm with the class. Mary Dooley

Many of the medieval and Renaissance courses that I have taken have also reinforced my studies for courses of other disciplines. Margaret Liekar

The Medieval and Renaissance Studies certificate has proved useful for my general knowledge as a student. Brad Bellinger

I have also discovered that it is nearly impossible to study a different culture without seeing it through the eyes of our culture. Catherine Muller

The material that I have studied in my medieval and renaissance classes seems to be reappearing in other classes in other departments. Allison Smith

The Medieval and Renaissance Studies coursework I pursued allowed me a chance to step away from such heavy science focus, and instead investigate topics in literature, fine arts, and history. Timothy Jackson

Through the Magna Carta I saw the early roots of democracy; through the battle between popes and kings I saw the eventual emergence of separation of Church and State. Katherine Cocklin

Gaining this certificate has also helped me with understanding concepts in other disciplines I had never thought it could extend to. Shakala Kyle

Everything I studied in my completion of the Medieval and Renaissance Studies certificate complemented all the other fields, and led to a richer and more multi-layered interpretation of each.  Caroline Nilsen

The certificate enhanced not only my History major, but my German minor as well Rebekah Mueller

Prof. Mark Possanza’s use of primary sources from the likes of Livy and Ovid were fascinating reads. Daniel Andrus

I have taken classes in Latin, history, linguistics, German, and the history of art and architecture; this variety contributes to a broader understanding of medieval and Renaissance culture than the courses in any single department would have done alone.  Yelena Forrester

One of the benefits of the interdisciplinary aspects of the MRST certificate is that it has created for me an expansive window through which I can peer into the pasts of these two rich and volatile periods. Elizabeth Reali